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Wasabi growing, propagation and processing License opportunities now available on a worldwide basis.
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The New Zealand Wasabi site is the home of Namida® and contains a guide to the history, cultivation methods and culinary use of Wasabi (Wasabia Japonica). We tell our story, give recipes for using our Clean, Green and Hot 100% Pure Wasabi Powder and offer visitors a chance to buy our unique products online,

No MSG, No artifical flavours, preservatives or colours added to our unique 100% Pure Wasabi Powder. As natural as we can make it.

Licensed Wasabi Growers wanted --  World Wide

 We cannot keep up with demand

Since we started a decade ago the demand for fresh wasabi and now wasabi based products has continually outstripped supply.

Our development of growing and processing technologies for this plant and associated products has enabled us to develop products that are in demand by a growing number of customers.

We need you to grow Namida®TM wasabi as a Licensed grower. The supply of fresh wasabi at premium prices direct into our worldwide market ensures the maximum return on your investment. 

All the wasabi you grow will be used in our products. Nothing goes to waste. 

There is an excellent return on investment.  Contact us now for more information.

Do you have: 

1500 square yards (or metres) of flat or slightly sloping ground available. [Preferred, but not essential].

A willingness to work hard during the planting and harvesting stage of the operation.

A serious desire to succeed, and enjoy a good lifestyle.

Then contact us now at growers@wasabi.co.nz

We are also interested in talking to people for Master Licensee positions and Joint Venture Partnerships.

For more information contact  us now, and start enjoying the rewards of growing wasabi.

World Wasabi Inc.

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